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Past simple

Unit 11 - Past simple (I did)

Unit 11

Past simple (I did)

(a) Изучите пример:


- I wrote a letter to my grandfather yesterday.

wrote - это время Past simple



Мы используем Past simple,чтобы рассказать о событиях или ситуациях в прошлом.


- Mr. Gosselyn read The Times, went to church on Sunday and

accompanied his wife to tea-parties.

- She won every prize that was open to her.

- It was two years later that Jimmie Langton discovered her.

- He blushed and his blue eyes shone.

- Her aunt talked in a deep loud voice.


(b) Очень часто мы употребляем Past simple tense c такими словами и фразами, как:


yesterday, last night, last week, last month,

last year,last summer(autumn, winter, spring),

at six(seven...) o'clock on Sunday(Monday...),

an hour(a week...) ago, the other day,

in 1994(1966), during the war(the revolution..)


- Mr. Smith began teaching in a secondary school in England in 1988.

- On Monday he came to the office by taxi.

- I went to Ireland in a fishing boat two years ago.

- Last month Tom and Jim visited Scotland and climbed

the mountains.


(b) Многие глаголы в Past simple tense

оканчиваются на -ed или d. Такие глаголы

называются правильными.



- She walked round the garden with the colonel and listened

intellegently while he talked of peace.

- Her beauty created a sensation in Middlepool.

- He stayed in Middlepool for two years.

- She looked straight into his eyes.

- Julia smiled at the complacency on her husband's handsome face.

- Michael stared at them gravely.


Формулировку правил смотрите Appendix 3.


(d) Но много важных глаголов - неправильные

(irregular). Это означает, что past simple

не заканчивается на-ed.


1.Глаголы, в которых изменяется гласная в корне:


tell - told Mrs. Gosselyn told her about India.

give - gave He gave a little laugh of embarrasment.

take - took She took him into a small room behind the dining-room.

fly - flew The children flew to meet their mother.

see - saw I last saw Jill over three years ago.


2.Глаголы, в которых изменяется гласная в корне и добавляется -d или -t:


teach - taught Her aunt taught her how to walk and how to hold herself.

leave - left He left the room an hour ago.

sell - sold The baker sold good cakes.

bring - brought John brought his little brother to school.

buy - bought They bought that fruit from Greece.

catch - caught Mr. Brown caught the eight o'clock train.


3.Глаголы, в которых изменяется последняя d на t:


send - sent He sent a letter to his aunt yesterday.

build - built Jack built his house last autumn.

bend - bent That stormy night trees bent before the wind.

lend - lent The other day Dolly lent them money.


4.Глаголы, в которых одинаковая форма

infinitive и Past simple:


cut - cut Aunt Aggie cut the cake.

hit - hit The cruel driver hit the horse.

put - put Yesterday the worshippers put their gifts before the gods.

set - set The sailors, after quarreling with their captain,

set him adrift on the ocean in an open boat.

split - split The ship split in two under the force of the stormy waves.

burst - burst Dolly burst into laughter.

let - let The prisoner let himself down from his window with

a rope made of knotted sheets.


5.Глаголы, в которых разная грамматическая основа:


go - went Ann went up to the drawing-room.


Список неправильных глаголов смотрите Appendix 2.


(e) Но некоторые глаголы могут быть правильными

и неправильными:


burn - burnt или burned


Вы можете сказать:


The old house burnt down The old house burned down

last night in the big fire. или last night in the big fire.


smell - smelt или smelled


The dog smelt at the stranger for или The dog smelled at the stranger for

a minute but did not recognize him. a minute but did not recognize him.


dream - dreamt или dreamed


I dreamt of my old home last night. или I dreamed of my old home last night.


Список этих глаголов смотрите Appendix 2.


(f) Формой past simple от глагола be (am/is/are)

является was/were:


I/he/she/it was we/you/they were

Julia was quick-witted.

She was a born actress.

Michael's eyes were heavy with tears.


(g) В вопросительных и отрицательных предложениях

с Past simple мы используем

did/didn't + инфинитив (do/open/rain и т.д.):


- Did they like the idea of his going on the stage?

They didn't like the idea of his going on the stage.

- Did Tom dance with Helen yesterday?

No, Tom didn't dance with Helen yesterday.

- She knew that she didn't look well in costume.


(h) Запомните,что обычно используются

did/didn't с have:


- Did you have a bath this morning?

- We didn't have any more flowers in the garden.


Но с глаголом be (was/were) мы

не употребляем did:

Например:- Was he at home yesterday?

- He was not exactly mean, but he was not generous.


О past simple смотрите Unit 12, Unit 20, Unit 21.


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